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Glee-cap: Episode 4x11 "Sadie Hawkins"

After a month hiatus, Glee returned this week.  To be honest, I almost missed it simply because my excitement over the show has continued to wane over the past three seasons, and I've reached the point where I'm almost happy to take a break if only to get a reprieve from the disappointment I sometimes feel when watching this show.  That being said, it is the beginning of a new year, so I suppose even Glee should be given the opportunity to make a fresh start.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x10 "Glee, Actually"

It's the holiday season, which means another Glee holiday-themed episode.  Now, if you're expecting any real plot developments in this episode, chances are you'll be very disappointed.  After all, most holiday episodes aren't about anything except celebrating the holidays themselves.  They're meant to be lighthearted with the intent of leaving you feeling happy, thankful and excited for the gifts and family time that this season brings.  In reality though, there tends to be a reason why most people don't see their (extended) family members on a normal basis.  It usually ends in disaster, a fight, or you wishing you had a legitimate excuse not to show up.  And much like reality, there is a good chance this episode will end the same.  But, who knows?  Maybe we'll get a Christmas miracle and Glee will surprise us all.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x09 "Swan Song"

Previously on Glee, the OGs returned to mentor the newbies prior to their Sectionals performance.  Unfortunately, the new New Directions only got to perform one, not-so-great number before Marley collapsed on stage as a result of her new diet of anorexia and bulimia.  Meanwhile, in New York, HummelBerry were having a grand old time, making everyone wonder why we couldn't skip S4 and just have a spin-off.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x08 "Thanksgiving"

Pretty much anything can happen in this episode and I will happy for one reason and one reason alone: we have finally reached the episode of the return of the OGs.  I am so happy about their return that I'm willing to forget about last week's disastrous episode and pretend it never happened.  Based on the fact that "Dynamic Duets" was Glee's lowest rated episode ever, I'm sure Ryan Murphy & Co. would like to do the same.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x07 "Dynamic Duets"

You know what this season of Glee has been missing (other than storylines and characters that fans seem to care about)?  It's been missing comedy.  You know, that thing that makes you laugh and fills you with glee.  Well, Ian Brennan has heard your cries for humor and answered the call with another one of his cracktastic-themed episodes.  At least that was his intention.  We'll see if the end result meets those expectations.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x06 "Glease"

Guess what, Gleeks?  HummelBerry are back, which means there's a chance this episode won't be as bad as the last one.  Then again, HummelBerry are going spend most of their time in Lima, so really, anything can happen.  Oh, and it also happens to be the episode where we get to see the newbie Gleeks perform the school musical, so this is also another tribute episode.

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Previously on Happiness Killers Glee, four couples on the show broke up (five if you include Kitty-Jacob, which I don't).  Well, I think they broke up.  Actually, I'm not entirely sure, because if there's one thing Glee does well it's create open-ended plot points and never providing resolutions to them.  It's a quality they share with shows like Lost.  Well, in a surprising turn of events, Ryan Murphy & Co. are finally giving fans answers, but I suspect it's because they really want their audience to crying their freaking eyes out, hate them and stop watching their show.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x04 "The Break Up"

There once was a show called Glee.  At times it touched upon some heavy subjects - teen pregnancy, bullying, texting while driving - but in general it was a show that focused on celebrating the underdog and using songs to create happiness.  And then, most of the main characters on Glee graduated and the creators were so depressed knowing they would never be able to replicate the magic those original characters captured, they decided to rename their show Happiness Killer and create the most depressing show on television second only to Grey's Anatomy.  If you don't believe me based on the first three episodes of Glee S4, this episode should help convince you.  I mean, Ryan Murphy & Co. aren't even trying to hide the fact that they want you to be depressed - they named this episode "The Break Up" for goodness sake.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x03 "Makeover"

Are you sick of all the newbies already?  Do you wish you could see more storylines/songs performed by the old glee club members?  Well, you're in luck, because this week, we barely see or hear from any of the newbies at all.  Sadly, Tina seems to be tied to the newbies so we don't really see or hear her at all either.  I'm not kidding.  Aside from one scene, Tina is completely MIA this episode.  They probably shipped her off to New Haven to go hang out with Quinn.

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Glee-cap: Episode 4x02 - "Britney 2.0"

Remember back in the second episode of S2 when Glee aired a Britney Spears tribute entitled "Britney/Brittany" and it earned the show its highest ratings of the season (not including Ep.2x11 "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" because that aired after the Super Bowl)?  And remember how last season was Glee lowest rated season ever, where only averaged 7.31 million viewers?  And remember how much Glee hates continuity but loves parallels?  Well, if you put all of that information together, you get the reason behind this week's episode.  That's right, in hopes of bouncing back from a dismal 7.41 million season opener, the second episode of Glee S4, much like the second episode of Glee S2, is all about Britney Spears and Brittany S. Pierce...and Rachel Berry, of course.  That's not the only parallel in this episode though, so I hope you're ready to continue the Glee parallels drinking game from last week.

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